Despite all the discomforts that come with pregnancy, there is something very magical about having a baby grow inside of you. For most women, this is when they are at their most natural, feminine and beautiful state. During your pregnancy, mom’s skin is glowing, their hair is thicker, and their body has many more curves. Doing a professional maternity photo shoot, is to many expecting mothers, the best way to remember their pregnancy and the journey into motherhood. Maternity photos highlight the curve of the belly, the connection between mom and growing bump, the beautiful changes to mom’s body. There is no doubt that these pictures will show a love so deep, even before his/her debut. Typically, these sessions are scheduled anytime between 28-36 weeks, when baby bump is round and full (before mom starts feeling too uncomfortable!). Include your partner and older children, they are of course welcome. Your session could have flowing gowns, nearly naked images, flowers, be done inside the studio or outside in a park. Whatever your vision is for your maternity shoot, I look forward to collaborating with you and making this an experience to remember!

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