All About Amy

Where did my love of photography come from? It developed over numerous decades, with the countless photo albums my mom and I created together. After our family camping trips, we would sit together at the kitchen table, slide each photo into place, then hand write a special memory depicted in that picture. I never realized how important these memories were until I married my husband, and looked through the one (that’s right! ONE!) album of childhood memories that he had. Realizing the impact of these photos in my own life, I fell in love with creating “forever memories” for others. Making sure that they have images and memories to look back on for generations to come.

I cherish all things “family”, no matter how big or small – the growing belly of a new mom, the smell and tiny features of a newborn, uncontrollable laughter of small children, fun (and sometimes “odd”) stories from teenagers, the looks and soft touches a couple gives to one another, and let’s not forget those furry friends with their selfless acts of love and wagging tails!

I love being a “foodie” with my husband and sitting around a roaring campfire with our cocker spaniels. I consider painting to be my ultimate form of relaxation, coffee is an everyday necessity, antique shopping is the best Sunday afternoon adventure and Vietnamese Pho is my favorite quick meal. I’m a planner, dreamer and sometimes (my husband would say “a lot”) a worrier. I love shopping for photography props (it gets addicting!) and surfing the web for the next all-inclusive vacation trip (but not booking it for countless excuses I can come up with!).

Thanks for being interested in me and my work! I hope that one day I can capture some “forever memories” with your family!


Community Involvement

One thing in life that makes my “soul sing”, is using my talent of photography for the numerous charities in our city. Over the years, I have provided non-profit organizations with: silent auction photo sessions, coverage of corporate events, reduced mini sessions, free photos, etc.

Below are some of the organizations I have had the privilege of working with. Feel free to contact me if you have an organization/event with any photography needs.

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